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July 27, 2008 / Tom

My new project: DRAFTED!

Hi, here’s my first game project, on wich I was working from some time now…

DRAFTED: Ink Wars!

In the game, you lead your army to the victory, defeating all the enemy soldiers: would be a pretty commonplace gameplay… if the deathmatch wasn’t fought into paper sheets!

In fact, you can’t command directly your fellow soldiers, you can however bring them to victory drawing any object with your pencil… you can draw big obstacles, large rolling spheres, and anything that you think would crush the enemy; using special mouse gestures you will spawn weapons, wich can be put to good use by the soldiers… just pay attention to not squash your own men 😉 !

It’s better to be careful when managing your soldiers, because they are deeply influenced by their mood, wich encourages them into charging, but can also make them run away… and they are made of Ink, the only resource in the game; it’s better to not lose too many of them…

Maybe you can imagine it like an encounter between Crayon Physics, Lemmings and Worms… with much more new features!

Here’s some screenshots, wich show the bases of the game: the ability to draw physical objects of any shape, moving soldiers and multiple sheets:

I hope to put in it many more features, like different “styles” of soldiers, multiplayer, a mod system, and much more… but for now i will try to have a working demo 😉

Stay tuned for other updates…

I will try to release a video as soon as possible 😀


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  1. Eclipse / Jul 28 2008 19:14

    Congrats for the new blog and the project!

    I just love the style and the overall concept, just don’t forget to send me a demo when you’ve finished with the gameplay 😉

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