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August 4, 2008 / Tom

DRAFTED: First video and recruiting!


I made some progresses in the developement of Drafted, and now you can kill the soldiers… so I decided to post a first little video 😀

It shows some random drawings and the full physics behind them, even if it’s not meant to be perfect.

In fact the soldiers are just little photoshopped sprites, while I wanted them to be celshaded & animated 3D… and they don’t leave any Ink Stain when splatted… and they don’t move.

Ok they can just be killed, but I will work on this 😉

Get the HD version

Anyway (or because of this) OverMindGames is recruiting!

The team needs in particular one or more 3d modellers and animators, to model the soldiers and the other celshaded items; but in the end, if you are a programmer, 2d artist, sound artist or you want just to help, please let me know, a good team has always the best ideas! 😛

See the Team Page if you are interested!

I hope to post more about new features soon, stay tuned! 😉



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  1. programmer / Aug 5 2008 12:43

    Very nice video indeed. A là crayon phisics. Keep up the good work.

  2. Eclipse / Aug 20 2008 14:30

    love it, keep it up, i can’t wait to see the soldiers running around!

  3. _ToMmO_ / Aug 20 2008 14:43

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Now that two modellers joined me you can expecto to see them running very soon 😀

  4. Crashlab / Nov 28 2008 01:58

    Good Job!
    I hope to see a playable demo of your game in download section soon. 😉

  5. Rakesh Jadav / Aug 1 2010 08:14

    Outstanding idea and awesome game. Good job!

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