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August 27, 2008 / Tom

DRAFTED: New team members and Lua scripting!


Just a small update on the works in progress, as we’re not dead 😛

Firstly, finally “we” are a team, with three fresh-joined members, Baddcog and James, both modellers, and Morgoth90, programmer! As soon as possible I will release another little clip, showing the new 3d models, items, and gameplay.

In this time, I also added Lua support into DRAFTED, both to make simpler for us to develop new gameplays, both to allow you to tweak and mod the game to suit better your tastes!

The first “real” item I added to the game is the Flag… it allows you to group, advance or retreat your soldiers simply drawing it somewhere; and the soldier who picks up a flag becomes a Chief, attracting to him the nearest scattered soldiers!

I hope to post some other news soon, bye 😀


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  1. Revan1985 / Nov 10 2008 01:59

    When will you release a new info about this project ^^’

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