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July 4, 2009 / Tom

Still Alive!


it’s been even a longer time since last update 😀

Yes, i “lost” much time because of university and other things, but from a while a very skilled modeller and animator joined me (Kukk)… still the game won’t progress!

I realized that the concept as it was had not a direction, being a sandbox thingy like hundreds of already existing ones, and this made everything hardest: with no direction I couldn’t have an art style, or interesting puzzles… or even “finish” the game, as every time something cooler would pop up 😀

While it was good because it left all of the gameplay in the hands of the player, without existing goals or objectives most people would get bored after some minutes of drawing random things…

So, Drafted will become an adventure 😀

Obviously I will keep the gameplay as it is now, with everything based on using physics, managing resources and drawing the right thing at the right time, but instead of a sandbox multiplayer, there will be levels and puzzles.

Each level will be focused on a “faction” of soldiers, like WW2 settings for “standard” soldiers, low-g planet for astronauts etc… of course you will also get different enemies to splat 😉

Progress for now include some items (like springs) realtime fluid ink, and the ability to use any texture to draw lines… along with many good models and animations and improvements!

I will post some screenshots when “they are ready”… i hope soon!

PS: The things to be done on the programming side are more this way, so if anyone wants to help with C++/Lua look here!


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  1. lefa / Jul 19 2009 17:35

    your english looks good, a lot better than mine.

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