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September 12, 2009 / Tom

WIP (work in progress)

We are finally a serious project 😀
This because after the summer we finally set up the team and our little nice repository… for sure working at a different pace than before!

The game has been hugely reworked and will be reworked even more: we dropped Lua and its wrapper as they were useless, bloating and slow, at least for a 2 guys project… that wasn’t really a sacrifice as i removed everything in one afternoon.

Gameplay is even more action and RTS oriented; you can design Chiefs assigning flags, and then control them directly: other soldiers will still be forced to follow Chiefs, though.

And expect a Rock/paper/scissor weapon scheme to put some tactics in this mess, along with different Mounts in each Age, like Dinosaurs, Panzers, etc… because everyone wants superweapons 😉

In short, we even dared to set a Demo deadline for this October, even if not a playable one.

PS: to have a gorgeous demo we need graphics, and for graphics we need 3D Artists… simple as that 😀 Check the link!

Bye 😀



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  1. miniBill / Nov 20 2009 00:10

    and if it weren’t for some *heavily* windows code, a linux port would be in development

  2. st4lk3r / Feb 17 2010 23:17

    Good work guys… I would like to see a release as soon as possible… I mean, i ever like this game idea so i’m really excited to see an incoming result. Really…

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