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February 8, 2011 / Tom

the Dojo Framework goes open!

“Dojo is a simple-to-the-bone C++ game framework, aimed at getting 2D games done on IOS, Windows, OSX and Linux”, or at least this says its description for its Mercurial repository.

in vc++ screenshot

In short, this is the piece of software that I wrote to develop Ninja Training, my new project, and something other… and I decided to open source it all in a rush šŸ˜›

As the description says, it is a C++ library that offers most of the low level things that you need to make 2D games with vector and pixel graphics (or even 2,5D games, giving it some love).

Keep in mind that open source, this time, means that the code is not documented – while you could work something out of it with doxygen – not thoroughly commented, or even licensed (for now).

But, a cross-platform framework to quickly develop 2D games could be useful to someone – at least as a starting point for anyone that stumbles on IOS dev, and like me hates Objective C with a passion šŸ˜›

Grab the code here!

First issue on the list? For sure it is documentation, along with getting the IOS part working again…

if you ever think that it could be useful to you, feel free to leave some questions or feedback šŸ˜›


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