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May 17, 2011 / Tom

Dojo Mac is here!

It is no Unity, but it’s getting there 😉

Ok maybe not, but now Dojo got an OSX Cocoa Platform along with the already existing Windows and IOS ones;

here it is showing some random procedural demo I’ve testing it with (which I cannot avoid to find awesome)

Shooter running on Snow Leopard

Shooter running on Snow Leopard

I even updated a bit the README so you can at least make some sense from it. It can be downloaded from BitBucket as usual.

Also, it was a real pain to get a windowed Cocoa application running without ever using a .nib (and I hate those), mostly because Apple docs really want you to use NSApplicationMain and be fine with it.

It was easier than it looks after some demistifying, you only need to:

  • create the first NSAutoReleasePool on the stack
  • create the NSApplication sharedApplication
  • create the NSWindow, the NSOpenglView, and the NSMenu for the menu bar
  • create a NSTimer to receive timed callbacks
  • call [sharedApplication run] to start the whole thing, and sit back
Now it runs with the exact same main.cpp used by Windows, and I’m happy enough with it 😉

PS: still no mouse or keys 😛


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