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June 12, 2011 / Tom

Deep Blue Minecraft map generator

The summer has come, the sun shines outside… no better time to code!

Deep Blue is a map generator for the ever-famous Minecraft that puts you in a (well, not so much) endless ocean dotted by unexplored islands, volcanos, misterious underwater cities…

and a brand new flooded hell, the Nifheilm!

I made this in the past few days because I needed SO much a sea map in MC, and I think it has worked out quite well – try it by downloading the .jar, and let me know 😉

Deep Blue Map Generator


EDIT: I forgot to mention, the source is yours to grab!
It’s easy to change the “spawn chances” of anything you don’t like, look into “”!


MINECRAFT 1.8 EDIT: I haven’t still tried the leaked beta, but most probabily the generator won’t work natively in 1.8 maps. It could work if imported as an 1.7 map… but now that Minecraft has Oceans I see little point in fixing it! It was a fun generator to make anyway, so, gg.




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  1. jake5675 / Jun 24 2011 21:58

    How come after a while deep blue stops generating and ugly old minecraft takes over again?

    • Tom / Jun 25 2011 01:08

      It’s normal – Minecraft has its own generator that kicks in when a chunk was never visited…
      a stand alone generator can only make a fixed amount of blocks for MC to use, to make it infinite you should replace the default generator in the game!

      Maybe try to use 3×3 regions or more, if they fit in your RAM… it’s huge anyway.

  2. jake5675 / Jul 6 2011 00:48

    Man i really love this map is there a way i can let the gen run longer to gnerate a bigger map?

    • Tom / Jul 6 2011 01:35

      Try to run it passing a side of “3” instead of the default “2”.
      It should work, at least it used to 😛

  3. jake5675 / Jul 7 2011 08:12

    Thanks im going to try it now really hope it works i really love this map! I’d allso like to do a few lets play videos with your permission of course. =)

    • Tom / Jul 7 2011 13:03

      Yeah, no problem at all 🙂

  4. David Wilson / Jul 9 2011 22:31

    well, i like the deep ocien but there is too much ice, sponge, lapiz and frankly ugly gient balls of glass. bout 6/10 4 me. is there any way i could remove the ugly features for my own home use?

    • Tom / Jul 10 2011 02:20

      Oh, I liked those bubbles so much!
      I felt that the map was largely unused without putting the sea to some use, and I liked Bioshock!

      Anyway there’s a switch to turn off bubble generation, I added it because also another guy asked for it…
      Removing corals and icebergs from code should be really simple! if you want to try it, here’s the code.
      Just set to 0 the “spawn chances” of anything you don’t like, build and run.

      This, if you don’t want to wait that I get to it and add other switches to the GUI 😛

      • David Wilson / Jul 10 2011 11:39

        hmmm. how do i do this exactly?

      • Tom / Jul 10 2011 13:30

        If you aren’t scared, download Eclipse for Java; create a workspace; import the folder into the workspace as a Project.
        Open, there are several capital-spelled keywords, like CORAL_CHANCE.
        Set its value to 0 and then hit run. Done 😀

        If something goes wrong, I’ll load the spawn rates from a file eventually 😀

  5. David Wilson / Jul 10 2011 20:58

    how? im hopeless

    • Tom / Jul 10 2011 22:59

      Ok ok don’t worry, I will get around to make a configuration file when I’m less busy 😀
      Explaining exactly how to do everything would be a little long 😀

  6. Minechomp / Jul 13 2011 01:09

    how many blocks is the 2×2?

    • Tom / Jul 13 2011 01:51

      It’s 2x32x16, 1024×1024 blocks 🙂

  7. Minechomp / Jul 13 2011 14:09

    where is the ANT build script? You know the xml file? sorry im a newb to java code.

    • Tom / Jul 13 2011 14:44

      I’m a newb too, as you can see in the rest of the blog I’m more of a C++ guy 🙂
      Anyway there’s no ANT build or xml, I don’t know what they are… I just used Eclipse to build it!

  8. Minechomp / Jul 18 2011 02:01

    I have a suggestion for this map gen. If you put the sea level at 64 the sea would be at the default level so that the map didnt have a hideous drop off when normal minecraft takes over. That would be nice becuase the drop off severely affects my servers gameplay but i dont want to get rid of the map generator either.

    • Tom / Jul 18 2011 11:55

      True, I set higher to have more space for the underground sea… anyway it can be lowered, I’ll put this on my todo list 😀

  9. Tgrdude13 / Jul 18 2011 07:55

    I go To Run the exe and it opens and Closes Automatily wihtin a second..
    Tried in Administrator and regular

    Wahts wrong?

    • Tom / Jul 18 2011 11:58

      mmm… it should run without a problem on regular mode.
      Maybe you have some problems with Java, try to run it using cmd.

      Go to the folder and write
      java -jar DeepBlueGen.jar
      so it will print out the error message!

  10. Minechomp / Jul 18 2011 20:11

    No he tried to run NBtoolkit instead of the jar. He said he cant run the exe.

    • Tom / Jul 19 2011 01:18

      Uhm… “he” who, I’m not sure of what you do mean!

  11. Minechomp / Jul 19 2011 18:04

    Tried to portal out of the nether. Oddly enough I went straight to the Nifheilm! I guess you cant get out of hell…

    • Tom / Jul 19 2011 18:49

      lol, I wonder why this happens! Maybe there was water all around and the only useful ground was in the Nifheilm?
      Anyway, I’m glad that you liked so much the map, I had really little time to play it!
      Maybe I could drop in some of your servers? 😀

  12. Minechomp / Jul 20 2011 01:26

    If you have log me in hamachi installed my server IP is The port is 25565 if you need it.

  13. Minechomp / Jul 20 2011 15:49

    Great went to hell again… I am going to move the portal

  14. SilentClowd Productions / Aug 6 2011 06:58

    I’m afraid it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I did everything as told, and in the text it tells me: (23:55:14) Cannot run program “NBToolkit.exe”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
    And the world goes without changing.
    So I ran it without computing the light. It simply doesn’t want to change. I would really love to try this generator out. Any advice?

    • Tom / Aug 6 2011 11:36

      The error looks clear, it can’t find NBToolkit.exe. Are you sure you didn’t move it, etc?
      Also, what system are you on? I don’t know how it could run AND leave the world unchanged, are you sure you’re selecting the right world, and that the world is not write-protected?
      es: it is in Program Files.

      • SilentClowd Productions / Aug 7 2011 01:03

        I’m quite an experienced modder. The wold was named simply “hello” and I even flew around with spc to double check the surrounding area, but it remains the same desert I started in. I’m currently running Windows 7 on a i3 processor.

        Could a downloaded mod be messing it up? I have no map gen mods, but I am running SPC, TMI, and Zeppelins (a mod that lets you make a working ship, which is why I originally wanted the ocean map). I have not moved NBToolkit, have redownloaded the file several times, and changed the name from NBToolkit (the default) to NBToolkit.exe.

        No beans.

        Though I do’nt believe the toolkit is the problem. Is there a way I can move the destination folder of the script, move the world there, and see if will work then?

        Thanks for all your help. =]

      • SilentClowd Productions / Aug 7 2011 01:13

        SUCCESS! I move my “hello” folder to my desktop and ran the generator to that directory.

        It worked! (and the world looks great!)

      • Tom / Aug 7 2011 03:04

        Cool, I’m not an experienced modder myself, so I’m glad it worked with that simple fix 😀
        Where did you placed it before? I still think it was some privilege conflict, or some file path that it could not chew.

  15. jpeg / Aug 12 2011 18:25

    hey it is not working for me it says that it is trying to launch a three by three with only 512 ram and i have it on 2 nothing is happening

  16. Clayton Little / Sep 10 2011 01:46

    I tried to run toolkit but a black box with white type in it pops up and disappears instantly.

    • Tom / Sep 10 2011 09:45

      It does that way when NBToolkit could not run for some reason… it requires C# and .NET, make sure you have them working 😀

      Are you on Windows?

  17. mike / Sep 28 2011 05:31

    i’ve been thinking of making a world generator of a desert filled with oasii (i think its called). any tips? i have pretty limited experience though, did you use a tutorial to make generators?

    • Tom / Sep 28 2011 09:46

      well, conceptually it is easy! You need to be able to code, tough.
      If you aren’t concerned with an unlimited world, you make an huge x*128*z grid of blocks where you create the world.
      Usually to create the map you want to use Perlin Noise which creates interesting hills. I’m using 4 perlin noises + a special rule for islands here.
      Then comes the hard part: you need to take this data and split and encode it in notch’s beta Level Format.
      So you need to split that in a lot of 16*16*128 chunks, and you will also need to compute skylight and, blocklight. I used NBToolkit for that, my code wouldn’t work for some reason 😀
      So, it is easy but requires A LOT of hacking about!

  18. SolidSnake916 / Oct 26 2011 03:56

    Hi there, when i try to run this with 3-4 sides it locks up, any way to make this 512 chunks, because the server i use, utilizes a border of 4000 x -4000. This is a very nice generator.

  19. minechomp / Nov 24 2011 06:14

    Hey this generator still works.
    Its worth continuation. If the 3 tile limit can be fixed its the best ocean generator out.

    • Tom / Nov 24 2011 13:03

      Thanks, I know it locks up, but I don’t really have time to finish it… the best thing would be to integrate it into the chunked gen!
      Meanwhile, have this awesome island seed: -8184811792412700676
      I’m currently playing it!
      But I miss volcanoes 😛

      • minechomp / Nov 25 2011 06:52

        Its a vanilla seed? Ill give it a shot.

        It might be “flooded hell” and some other complex parts causing the limit by the way….

      • Tom / Nov 25 2011 10:31

        Yep, vanilla. You should spawn on a big island with a gulf and a ravine, in the middle of an ocean with a 5000+ blocks diameter.

        Btw, the problem aren’t any map parts… it’s just that for the sake of simplicity I’m creating the whole map at once in memory, instead of doing chunking… and this way a 3×3 (or 4×4) one requires LOTS of mem.
        I should change it to be able to generate single chunks on request, but that’s a lot of work.

  20. Minechomp / Jan 10 2012 01:18

    Yeah I get what you mean 😦 BTW it’s been a while. I trust you had a good holiday.

  21. ~ZTRowner / Feb 12 2012 04:59

    Which file exactly do we ‘run’ ? Sorry. Its a bit late. >.>

    • Tom / Feb 12 2012 13:34

      eh, in fact I had to look it up 😛
      Anyway, you just need to run DeepBlueGen.jar with Java!

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