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July 13, 2011 / Tom

Shooter. Or, blocks again

Lots of cubes

I don’t know if this spawned the Minecraft generator, or the other way around; anyway, there are lots of blocks in both!

However this time it is not based on Minecraft, it’s a demo of Dojo’s shiny new 3D capabilities! It features destructible islands in the sky, fancy/artsy graphics (everyone is so hyped about Proun today?), procedural endless world and enemies, and a lot mor… wait, not really.

There could be a cool game buried somewhere in there, but it is only a tech/design demo. On the plus side, things explode.

It works on Windows, OS X, and could work on Linux and IOS (while I didn’t try). Controls:

  • W A S D – move
  • left click and drag – turn AND lock enemy ships
  • space  – fire!

Download it here (Win), set up some music, and take off 🙂

Also, it was an university project, so if you’re curious about how it’s made, here’s the source!


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