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May 24, 2012 / Tom

Harvest is out for a lot of platforms!

Well, I promised I would be back with a real game, and here it is!

Harvest: Massive Encounter is a neat strategy/tower defense mix-up by the awesome guys at Oxeye Game Studio. I helped porting it to Mac and Linux, and generally making a new version that contains a lot of the fixes/new stuff they added to it after the last patch 🙂

The port is good news for Cobalt too, as the shared engine is now capable of running on any PC OS… so expect news on that one soon 😉

Changes are mostly technical, such as using OpenAL everywhere, using luaJIT, storing user stuff into ~/AppData etc… but also include the Italian language (proudly translated by myself, yay), fixes to the gameplay such as a bigger map, and a Steam mac version! And more game changes may be coming…

Can’t have a post without some eye-candy

(actually it came out like a month ago but… I didn’t really remember about the blog)

…anyway, you can grab the demo version here! The Linux version only comes as a .tar.gz tough (I didn’t feel like requiring a .deb install only for a demo), but installing the dependencies should be easy.

Enjoy the game, and report back any horrendous bugs, I’m here to fix!


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