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All our projects in their sheer awesomeness!

Dojo Framework

Dojo is a simple-to-the-bone C++ game framework, aimed at getting 2D games done on IOS, Windows, OSX and Linux. Go straight to the BitBucket Repository

 Harvest: Massive Encounter  (by Oxeye Game Studio)

Harvest Massive Encounter is an award-winning real-time strategy game with battles of epic proportions and a unique style of resource management and exploration. Build power plants, mineral harvesters and defense towers and make sure they have sufficient energy to fend off endless hordes of evil aliens

Ninja Training for iPhone

A simple yet really addictive arcade game available on the AppStore (and even on Windows), featuring ninjas, shurikens and Zen teachings. All in a fresh retro style


A game set in paper sheets, where your “stick-men” battle their opponents with the help of your pencil… and your drawing ability!


A non-game, where you get the unique opportunity of looking in a pool the evolution of randomly created creatures…

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