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February 8, 2011 / Tom

the Dojo Framework goes open!

“Dojo is a simple-to-the-bone C++ game framework, aimed at getting 2D games done on IOS, Windows, OSX and Linux”, or at least this says its description for its Mercurial repository.

in vc++ screenshot

In short, this is the piece of software that I wrote to develop Ninja Training, my new project, and something other… and I decided to open source it all in a rush πŸ˜›

As the description says, it is a C++ library that offers most of the low level things that you need to make 2D games with vector and pixel graphics (or even 2,5D games, giving it some love).

Keep in mind that open source, this time, means that the code is not documented – while you could work something out of it with doxygen – not thoroughly commented, or even licensed (for now).

But, a cross-platform framework to quickly develop 2D games could be useful to someone – at least as a starting point for anyone that stumbles on IOS dev, and like me hates Objective C with a passion πŸ˜›

Grab the code here!

First issue on the list? For sure it is documentation, along with getting the IOS part working again…

if you ever think that it could be useful to you, feel free to leave some questions or feedback πŸ˜›

February 7, 2011 / Tom

Just a little test…

of my new game dev framework, that can cross-compile games on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Unix πŸ˜›

Ninja Training for Windows!

It could as well be quite buggy, I converted it as-is for PC, meaning that there’s nothing more than in the iPhone game (well, there’s something less: OpenFeint).

enjoy πŸ˜›

EDIT: I actually put a wrong download link πŸ˜› – two times.

December 31, 2010 / Tom

Ninja Training is now free!

That’s all πŸ˜€
Just get it and try it!

September 10, 2010 / Tom

Ninja Training: Youtube clip and update 1.01!

Here’s a new gameplay clip for Ninja Training, it features standard gameplay along with a peek of crazy advanced sequences:

And, Apple finally accepted our update of the game!

What’s New In Version 1.01

– Fixed known bugs
– OpenFeint now successfully connects
– Directional buttons are now bigger
– Number of soccer balls reduced
– Other small fixes!

As always, it is available on the AppStore!

August 29, 2010 / Tom

Here it is, Ninja Training for iPhone!

EDIT 2011: This post here is a lot more relevant right now! This one refers to another version of the game (unfortunately).

It’s a simple yet very addictive game that I developed along with Giuseppe Navarria from Moonloop, and published by Forge 11.

It all started from the idea of creating a new time-waster for everyone, and I think we succeeded: you just have to avoid everything. Except from power ups obviously… and try to survive more than anyone else πŸ˜‰

The intuitive and engaging gameplay fully utilizes iPhone’s strong points, the Accelerometer and the touch screen,

and your master will always throw new tricks at you while you progress;

in fact there are 10 levels of difficulty, lots of achievements, and even more unique events!

And Zen Teachings πŸ˜‰

Everything in a pixel-perfect retro style.

Oh, did I mention that you can share achievements and high scores over the internet?

Thanks to OpenFeint!

get it from the AppStore!

PS: you can also try the original flash game by Giuseppe and Davide Fichera, but keep in mind that it has TONS of missing features, graphics apart!

September 12, 2009 / Tom

WIP (work in progress)

We are finally a serious project πŸ˜€
This because after the summer we finally set up the team and our little nice repository… for sure working at a different pace than before!

The game has been hugely reworked and will be reworked even more: we dropped Lua and its wrapper as they were useless, bloating and slow, at least for a 2 guys project… that wasn’t really a sacrifice as i removed everything in one afternoon.

Gameplay is even more action and RTS oriented; you can design Chiefs assigning flags, and then control them directly: other soldiers will still be forced to follow Chiefs, though.

And expect a Rock/paper/scissor weapon scheme to put some tactics in this mess, along with different Mounts in each Age, like Dinosaurs, Panzers, etc… because everyone wants superweapons πŸ˜‰

In short, we even dared to set a Demo deadline for this October, even if not a playable one.

PS: to have a gorgeous demo we need graphics, and for graphics we need 3D Artists… simple as that πŸ˜€Β Check the link!

Bye πŸ˜€

July 4, 2009 / Tom

Still Alive!


it’s been even a longer time since last update πŸ˜€

Yes, i “lost” much time because of university and other things, but from a while a very skilled modeller and animator joined me (Kukk)… still the game won’t progress!

I realized that the concept as it was had not a direction, being a sandbox thingy like hundreds of already existing ones, andΒ this made everything hardest: with no direction I couldn’t have an art style, or interesting puzzles… or even “finish” the game, as every time something cooler would pop up πŸ˜€

While it was good because it left all of the gameplay in the hands of the player, without existing goals or objectives most people would get bored after some minutes of drawing random things…

So, Drafted will become an adventure πŸ˜€

Obviously I will keep the gameplay as it is now, with everything based on using physics, managing resources and drawing the right thing at the right time, but instead of a sandbox multiplayer, there will be levels and puzzles.

Each level will be focused on a “faction” of soldiers, like WW2 settings for “standard” soldiers, low-g planet for astronauts etc… of course you will also get different enemies to splat πŸ˜‰

Progress for now include some items (like springs) realtime fluid ink, and the ability to use any texture to draw lines… along with many good models and animations and improvements!

I will post some screenshots when “they are ready”… i hope soon!

PS: The things to be done on the programming side are more this way, so if anyone wants to help with C++/Lua look here!